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Founded in 2012 by Ron Bernstein, RBCG provides consulting services ranging from project management, team vision facilitation, educational program development, corporate guide specification development, technology assessment, and system architecture evaluation. We work with a variety of consultants around the world identifying and evaluating both the needs assessment and qualification requirements in order to ensure a successful project. From over 30 years in the industry, we have a wealth of resources and experience at our disposal. Based in California, our project support spans the globe from Europe to China, Kuwait to India. Need help, direction, expertise? We can help.

Our Vision

Owners • Users • Integrators • Developers • Vendors

All working together to meet the needs of the owner, inspiring innovation, and enabling a competitive, thriving market where both small and large companies have the ability to provide innovative, competitive solutions.

We provide expertise in the control, networking, facility, and building automation industry, helping organizations set and achieve their vision.

We represent owners during project development, integrators and engineers that are developing and delivering open specifications, and vendors looking for market and marketing support for their innovative solutions.

We apply industry best practices of open, interoperable system architectures and technologies, a holistic view of system integration techniques, and help establish a sustainable education and performance criteria.

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RBCG, LLC is a PICS Auditing Certified Consulting Company – Certification Number: 36571  More About PICS


Staff Bios

Bio of Ron Bernstein

Mr. Bernstein is President of RBCG, LLC providing consulting services to organizations needing help navigating their energy and automation strategy. RBCG provides building automation standards, specification development support, educational program development, business management consulting, and facility master planning for end users, integrators, and vendor. He also holds the position of LonMark Chief Ambassador supporting the non-profit association with strategic planning, industry stewardship, and management of a team of ambassadors worldwide. Full Bio