ICEBO Conference – Manchester UK Oct 23-25, 2012

Manchester’s Salford University hosted this years International Conference for Enhanced Building Operations on October 23-25. Over 120 registered attendees participated in the event which presented the latest technical, research, and industry advancements in the field of building automation, energy management, energy efficiency, operational efficiency, and related topics. It has been an honor to be part of this conference, founded by Texas A&M University’s Energy Research Labs. I’ve served on the Technical Advisory Board for the past 3 years.

I presented a paper entitled, “The Role of the Owners Rep for Energy Performance and Control” where I discussed the process and methodology for getting from vision to implementation for building energy and control projects.

Additionally I facilitated a half-day workshop (from the ICEBO Program):

Sustainability through Intelligent Controls

Building management and control systems are vital to any sustainable facility project. Intelligent networked controls systems enable devices to share information with each other, with a host monitoring system, and with other higher-level enterprise applications. Discussion will cover:

Introduction to Energy Efficiency Through Intelligent Controls
Elements of an Open Controls Platform
Control Networking Communication, Protocols, and Interoperability
Enterprise Applications, Cloud Computing, and System Security
Specification Development Requirements
The Changing Contractor World
Introducing the Three-Tier Building Automation System Spec
Energy and Cost Savings – Use Case Examples
Tools, Resources and Standards
The instructor is Mr. Ron Bernstein, President, RBCG, LLC and Chief Ambassador, LonMark International.

The 2013 ICEBO conference will be hosted by CanmetEnergy in Montreal, Canada.

CABA Home Forum – October 10-11, San Diego

Moderating a session on the future of home automation, devices and services. CABA and Qualcomm are hosting this event in La Jolla CA. For more info see: