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Our client projects,  partnerships, and industry activities enable us to keep up to date on the latest industry trends.

LonWorks Installation Handbook Version 3. Co-author, editor, publisher of this industry reference book. This text originated in German and has now been translated into English, Spanish and soon Japanese and Russian. It has undergone 3 revisions to bring it up to date, the latest of which is used by professionals as the prime resource when studying for the LonMark Certified Professional Credential. Books may be ordered online and all proceeds benefit LonMark International. Buy Now

LonMark InternationalLonMark International –  Chief Ambassador – Currently under contract to advise on strategy and to develop and manage a team of ambassadors worldwide available to represent the association at local events and with the media. Ron currently holds the position of Chief Ambassador. Learn More

ASHRAE Member,  GPC-13 Committee Membership – Developing an industry standards guide specification template that incorporates options for BACnet and LonWorks. Recent activity is focused on developing a standards enterprise integration section based upon a criteria of 16 elements. The Current objective is to have a draft ready for ASHRAE review at the January 2013 meeting in Dallas.  Learn More

Smart Buildings Institute – Member, Board of Directors – I’ve recently been appointed to the SBI Board of Directors where we are working with a team of industry experts to develop and promote the adoption of a smart building criteria and compliance program. The SBI is providing groundbreaking structure to the application of smart buildings and the integration of a wide variety of sub-systems into a common enterprise structure. Additional efforts focus on building educational criteria and programs for the assessment of smart buildings. Learn More

City University of New York (CUNY) – Advisory Council Member
– Building Performance Laboratory Assessment Tool Project – This team is developing a tool called BASAT (Building Automation System Assessment Tool) with two primary goals:

    1. Create a standard template and process for assessing the capabilities of an existing installed building automation system, especially with respect to its ability to support advanced features like demand response or fault detection and diagnostics.
    2. Auto-generate BAS enhancement and advanced feature suggestions for a building, sufficient for owners ans operators to learn about valuable BAS-related opportunities in their building and engage a vendor for more information.

CEA R7WG13 – Home Automation Protocol Committee – This CEA committee is the home of ANSI/CEA 709.1 and related protocols called LON (Local Operating Networks). Current activities include developing a roadmap for extending the standards into higher levels of the system. Current efforts include the standardization of LonMark profiles, resource files, standard variables and configuration properties. Next on the agenda is to develop an open network management platform API, and enterprise app interface model, and a usage guide specification (similar to the ASHRAE effort)  Learn More

EASI (Enterprise App Standard Interface) Committee Founder and Chief Investigator – Building automation systems are now embracing more integration levels due to the success of the open systems movement. Better interoperability has proven to add value and reduce costs in buildings. What’s missing is a common application interface model at the enterprise level: a mechanism to allow a variety of apps to access data from a variety of sources and protocols with a common understanding model, a common data profile model. This committee is bringing together end users, owners, vendors, integrators and key organizations such as LonMark International, BACnet International, EnOcean Alliance, OpenADR Alliance, CEN-247 and others in a collaborative effort to solve one of the last fundamental interoperability issues left in smart buildings. Learn More

CABA – IIBC (Intelligent Integrated Buildings Council) Committee Member – The CABA Intelligent & Integrated Buildings Council works to strengthen the large building automation industry through innovative technology-driven research projects.

The Council was established in 2001 by CABA to specifically review opportunities, take strategic action and monitor initiatives that relate to integrated systems and automation in the large building sector.

The Council’s projects promote the next generation of intelligent building technologies and incorporates a holistic approach that optimizes building performance and savings.   Learn More

Mt. San Antonio College, Curriculum Advisory Committee – Offering a credentialing program funded by the US Department of Labor to improve job skills for workers entering the building systems and operations marketplace. Helped develop the course curriculum and advise on best practices for students. Coordinate job placement with local integrators post graduation.  Learn More

ASHRAE National Chapter, Government Relations Committee Member – Working with thought leaders to educate and influence government leaders to understand and act upon issues relating to the smart buildings, building construction, and energy efficiency programs.

Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture Adviser (Alumni Mechanical Engineering ’81) – Support research and doctoral candidates at the Intelligent Workplace in the field of advanced building systems, energy efficiency and the “Building as Power Plant” research. Guest lecturer to School of Architecture. Learn More

APPA Leadership in Educational Facilities, Instructor – Taught classes on integrated building systems and technology to facility managers, engineers within the higher education marketplace.  Learn More

Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research – Project Adviser – Demand response and direct load shedding application for 102 buildings in phase 2 with a potential for over 3000 government buildings in phase 3. Assisted with the design and archecture of the control system, worked with product vendors, reviewed and revised system specifications, and provided training to KISR personnel.

ICEBO – International Conference on Enhanced Building Operations – Member Advisory Board, Speaker, Workshop Presenter –  ICEBO conference is an annual event showcasing the best and brightest academic and industry research in the field of building systems. Reviewed papers submitted for the conference proceedings, advised on cutting edge topics and seminar tracks. Delivered seminars and workshops for the last 3 years.Learn More